[Seaside] Anchor Actions in Rendered Components

Giger, Bengt bengt.giger at id.ethz.ch
Fri May 7 22:04:45 CEST 2004

Avi Bryant wrote:
> MyShell>>initialize
>     myComp := MyComp1 new
> MyShell>>renderContentOn: html
>     html render: myComp
> MyShell>>children
>     ^ Array with: myComp
>> "Bill Holloway" <holloway at io.com> writes:
>>> MyShell>>renderContentOn: html
>>>   html render: MyComp1 new.
>>> MyComp1 is also a subclass of WAComponent.  Its rendering method is
>>> MyComp1>>renderContentOn: html
>>>   html anchorWithAction: [Transcript show: 'in comp1 render'] text: 
>>> 'do it'
>>> When I click this link, nothing shows in the Transcript.  If I put 
>>> such a
>>> Transcript>>show: link in MyShell>>renderContentOn:, the Transcript does
>>> show the desired text.  Ideas?  Thanks!

I just jumped into Seaside and am still collecting basic knowledge.

But I have played around a little with WACounter. If I subclass 
WAComponent as MyClass and render it like this

MyClass>>renderContentOn: html
  waCounterInstance renderContentOn: html

the counter perfectly works. But if I do

  html render: waCounterInstance


  html divNamed: 'counter' with: waCounterInstance

no more changes happen to the display (except if I use the same instance
for all rendering: clicking on one of the first links changes all three
counter displays, as expected).

As with Bills example, there is no need or no data to return. Perhaps 
I am missed something (I *certainly* did...) but I wonder why the
Transcript should print a line of text if I implement the children


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