[Seaside] problem with vw seaside port in open repository

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Sat May 8 19:28:31 CEST 2004


Yes, good place to ask.

The Seaside port is broken in three bundles.

Bundle 1 : Seaside
Contains the same code as Seaside in Squeak

Bundle 2: Seaside-VW
Is a prerequisite for bundle 1. It "prepares" VisualWorks to Seaside.
Contains code transferred from Squeak, the Seaside namespace and a couple
of VisualWorks extension.

Bundle 3: Seaside-WebToolKit
Has bundles 1 and 2 as prerequisites
Contains the integration between Seaside and WebToolkit

If you want to use Seaside based on WebToolkit, just load bundle 3.
The rest should load OK. It will even set up a default WebToolkit server and

If you want to use Seaside based on some other HTTP server (Swazoo, etc),
load bundle 2 and start writing the integration code :-)

Regarding your problem with 'AT Profiling', the port was incorrectly marked
having it as a pre-requisite. I published a new version of the bundle where
pre-requisite has been removed.

The new published version is make sure that you select all bundles
this version number, they fit together.

Best luck,

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Not sure if posts for seaside - VW are desired here. I can post to VWNC 
if needed or perhaps there is another mailing list for the vw version?

Problem: I created a brand new image from the VWNC cd passed out at 
sts2004. I wanted to load Seaside from the open repository, but I 
encountered a problem. When loading the Seaside-VW bundle, I got this 
message "The old profiling parcel, 'AT Profiling', should not be loaded 
when 'AT Profiling Core' is present. Please unload 'AT Profiling Core' 
if you want to load the old profiler"  Seems to me that the latest 
version of VWNC 7.2 shouldn't run into this problem. I tried loading the 
Seaside Bundle but it requires the Seaside-VW bundle.

Eventually, I tried to load the Seaside-WebToolKit bundle and that 
seemed to prereq everything in nicely.  Not sure if that was desirable, 
but thought I would post the problem I had in case others have the same 
trouble. Should I have been able to load Seaside-VW bundle by itself? 
According to the comment, the bundle was recently reorganized 
to allow independent loading.


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