[Seaside] Bug? in GOODS driver/implementation

Jason Dufair jase at purdue.edu
Tue May 11 22:03:19 CEST 2004

Avi, et. al. -

I think I have discovered a bug in the GOODS driver or implementation
(not sure of the terminology)

My allowance app has a Piggybank class.  Instances of this class hold
things like the balance, next update date, etc.  Methods on the class
side of Piggybank were being used to hold on to instances of Piggybank
in a class side dictionary.  So I set up a GOODS database and now have
the class side methods managing the GOODS database where the root of the
GOODS database is a dictionary and it holds dictionaries of
"applications" where Allowance is the one and only key right now and it
holds a dictionary of string->Piggybank instances where string is the
owner name of the Piggybank.

The hitch is this.  Each piggybank has an instance var holding on to the
Piggybank class.  When I try to commit a transaction to GOODS where an
instance is holding on to a class, I get a walkback with

MessageNotUnderstood: Metaclass>>goodsDescriptor.  I can send the whole
stack, but I suspect you get the picture.

So the question is: is it by design that we cannot save classes to GOODS
or is it perhaps an oversight?  I can certainly re-factor so each
instance does not hold on to a class, but I'm curious to know the answer
either way.  Thanks!
Jason Dufair
Office of the VP for Information Technology
Purdue University
jase at purdue.edu
765-496-1185 - fax: 765-496-7409

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