[Seaside] novice question: WATask vs WAComponent

Vadim Kolontsov vk at tvcom.ru
Wed May 12 13:22:12 CEST 2004

Good morning,
   probably it's a silly question, but anyway :) I'm just getting into 
the Seaside ideology.

  Is it OK to assume that WATask is a "Controller" and WAComponent is a 
"View" in MVC terms? What is the main difference between them? As far as 
I understood, I can think about WATask as "invisible WAComponent without 
any pages", right? So when I should

  For example, I'm implementing a classic "login form" component. It 
should ask login/password (text form), it allows to remember it between 
sessions (checkbox & cookies), it can show "incorrect login" inside of 
form (without any intermediate pages), it allows to register new user 
(using call to another component) and should be emeddable into other 
components. I'm going to use a simple loop, which will run until the 
user enters the correct login/password.

  What is the best way to implement it? Should I use WATask or 
WAComponent? A pointer to list archive would be OK (although I've read 
almost all messages already :)

Thanks in advance,

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