[Seaside] Mewa & latest seaside

Vadim Kolontsov vk at tvcom.ru
Wed May 12 13:27:14 CEST 2004

Adrian Lienhard wrote:

> You can get Mewa for Seaside 2.5 here: 
> http://kilana.unibe.ch:8888/Mewa/Mewa.Seaside2.5.al.13.mcz. Though, one 
> thing is not working properly yet: The editor for multiple 
> relationships. 

Thanks a lot, it works great - except multiple relationships problem :) 
As far as I understood, Mewa should implement some "children:" methods; 
I hope I will be able to fix it by myself.

> Concerning further development, I think that making the rendering more 
> customizable would be valuable to explore. At the moment, the default 
> visitor which renders the editors generates html tables and if you like 
> to change the layout you have to make subclasses. A solution might be 
> giving the renderer layout policies that define how to render the object.

I think it's a right direction, and hope that Mewa will evolve. Do you 
know any alternatives (mentioned by Avi)? I've found something about 
Sagan (although it's seems to be more CMS than framework), but download 
page is down.

Best regards,

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