[Seaside] novice question: WATask vs WAComponent

Brian Brown rbb at techgame.net
Wed May 12 16:57:55 CEST 2004

On May 12, 2004, at 5:22 AM, Vadim Kolontsov wrote:

> Good morning,
>   probably it's a silly question, but anyway :) I'm just getting into 
> the Seaside ideology.

Not silly, I'm sure ;)

>  Is it OK to assume that WATask is a "Controller" and WAComponent is a 
> "View" in MVC terms? What is the main difference between them? As far 
> as I understood, I can think about WATask as "invisible WAComponent 
> without any pages", right? So when I should
>  For example, I'm implementing a classic "login form" component. It 
> should ask login/password (text form), it allows to remember it 
> between sessions (checkbox & cookies), it can show "incorrect login" 
> inside of form (without any intermediate pages), it allows to register 
> new user (using call to another component) and should be emeddable 
> into other components. I'm going to use a simple loop, which will run 
> until the user enters the correct login/password.
>  What is the best way to implement it? Should I use WATask or 
> WAComponent? A pointer to list archive would be OK (although I've read 
> almost all messages already :)

For this, I would use a WATask; you can think of it as an implicit 
look. The WATask>>go method is what you would override. All the lines 
of code in a "go" method get executed as a loop. Typically I'll do 
something like:

	self hasUser ifFalse: [
		self session user:  (self call: (MyLoginComp new ))].
	self call: (MyMainAppComp new).

As soon as they log in, they spend their session in MyMainAppComp. When 
the session times out, hasUser would return false and call the 

Hope that helps!


> Thanks in advance,
> Vadim.
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