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German Arduino gsa at softhome.net
Sat May 15 20:38:24 CEST 2004

Hi Guys:

I'm developing a Mewa & Seaside (2.3.2 version) app and have the next 

I've a class named MyClassUI that is a subclass of WAComponent, and in 
it's #renderContentOn: method I've something like this:

anchorWithAction: [self myMethod: viewer metaobject baseobject]			text: 'Execute'.


myMethod: aTask
	(self confirm: 'Do you really want to start the Task to
	' , aTask instVar1 instVarName asString , '?')
		ifTrue: [self session domainmodel myModelMethod: aTask.
			self initialize]

In my model I've somthing like this:

myModelMethod: aTask
	| aTemp1 aTemp2 |
	aTemp1 := aTask instVar1.
	aTemp2 := aTask instVar2.
		do: [:aTemp2 | self myModelMethod2: aTemp1 with: aTemp2]

And, finally:

myModelMethod2: aTemp1 with: aTemp2
	| httpString aReturnPage |
	" some processing here "
		aReturnPage := HTTPSocket httpShowPage: httpString.
			^ aReturnPage]

For each element of the collection aTemp2 I must to execute 
#myModelMethod2 (HTTPSocket httpShowPage httpString (with a GET string 
over a web site)) and I want to show the return of each of these 
HTTPSockets commands in a page of the application.

I don't wants to violate the MVC paradigm writing renderings in the 
Model, but can't figure out how to solve this question.

Actually the app is a tabbed app and in the rendering of the MyClassUI, 
the user can press "Execute", the #self confirm show the question and, 
if the user press OK, then #myModelMethod and #myModelMethod2 of the 
model are executed and the return page of each #myModelMethod2 is that I 
must to show to the user.

I hope all the previous be "understandable".

Any help will be appreciated.



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