[Seaside] GOODS Updating a Collection inside of a Dictionary node.

ld s001 at landr.net
Mon May 17 07:35:52 CEST 2004

I've got GOODS installed and am tinkering with it.  I have a usage 
question.  I've created a root as a Dictionary. With values as Ordered 
Collections.  Each Ordered Collection corresponds to a table  in an 
RDBMS, that I'm converting to Squeak.
Each item in the Collection is an array representing a tuple or row from 
the table. My question is: how would I update an array item in the 
Ordered Collection. Is there a better way, than
1) retrieving the entire collection:   db root at: 'foo'
2) changing on of the items.  someCollection at: x put: y
3) writing the collection back to the dictionary.  db root at: 'foo' 
put: someCollection


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