[Seaside] GOODS Updating a Collection inside of a Dictionary node.

Ben Schroeder bschroeder at procro.com
Tue May 18 16:47:29 CEST 2004

Hi Larry,

>> This is how I would do it, but step (3) shouldn't be necessary.  You can say
>>    someCollection := db root at: 'foo'.
>>    someCollection at: x put: y.
>>    db commit.
>> and the commit should pick up the new contents of the collection.
>     This implies that the database connection should remain open during
> the session, correct?. and NOT closed after every read like I was
> doing.  -Larry

Yes, I think that's right.  You can think of the database connection as
something like a transaction - you can make changes to the objects you get
from it, then commit them all at once.  (After one commit, you can also go
on to make more changes, then commit again, etc.)

Ben Schroeder

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