[Seaside] 2.5a3 (was Re: Cookies (again?))

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Wed May 19 08:29:51 CEST 2004

Ok, I've just released version 2.5a3 to SqueakMap.  This includes a 
fairly major refactoring of WAResponse: there is now only one 
WAResponse class (roughly corresponding to what was previously 
WAGenericResponse), with a number of class side convenience methods for 
constructing common responses that used to be subclasses.  The 
HtmlResponses that were used by HtmlBuilder have been tweaked slightly 
to be HtmlDocuments instead, which don't depend on the request/response 

This was partly in the interest of making it easier to add good cookie 
support, as I proposed in an earlier message.  So WASession now has 
three new methods (#checkForCookies, #redirectWithCookie:, 
#redirectWithCookies:), and there's a new WACookie class.  You can see 
these being used in the WACookieTest.

Note that the #expiry: part of WACookie requires an ANSI compatible 
DateAndTime class, which Squeak 3.6 does not have by default.  This 
shouldn't get in your way if you're not using cookies; if you are, you 
should load the ANSI Compatibility package from SqueakMap.  Note also 
that for expiry to work right in Squeak you need to have your 
LocalTimeZone set correctly (in 3.7, anyway, this is set to GMT by 
default... see the class side of DateAndTime).

I expect that the WebToolKit support code will need to be tweaked 
slightly to properly map WACookie to VW's cookie support.


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