[Seaside] GOODS best practice data storage

Sebastián Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com.ar
Wed May 19 16:56:28 CEST 2004

Hi Larry,

	I want to add a question to Larry's one. It's about best
practice with several objects, lets say 13000 intrincated objects.

	Making this with 13000 intrincated items... 

	(db root at:#items) addAll: allItems.
	db commit. 

	...the commit delay is too long to be useful. 

	1)  How can I make a better use of GOODS? and

	2) How can I tune it or index it?

Best regards,

Sebastián Sastre
ssastre at seaswork.com.ar

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> I'm from a RDBMS background, and new to this object stuff.  I'm 
> wondering which might be the best way to store information in 
> the GOODS 
> database, for latter retrieval to html tables and forms ,(via 
> Seaside of 
> courst ;).   Should I store just the raw data, or is it 
> better to store 
> the object that encapsulates that data? 
> Thanks in advance for you insights, and comments.
> -Larry
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