[Seaside] Seaside Widgets & SqueakMap example

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Fri May 21 00:45:48 CEST 2004

Last week I used SqueakMap to test out a UI layer
I've been toying with (that's built over Seaside).
If anyone wants to try it out, I've put some code at

The example uses the SqueakMap objects in the
image as a data model for the web pages.

I'm thinking of calling it SSW, for Seaside Widgets.
The reason it got built is that I found it tedious
to code the Seaside pages. Right now, it's probably
harder to code the widgets, but I was hoping to
be able to use GUI building tools like those for
wxWidgets, which can emit XML files. Then the SSW
page could be generated from the XML.

Comments welcome. (Am I wasting my time? Been down
that path before? etc.) If people find it useful,
then maybe I could package it up better, for release.

Oh, some other things I did with the stuff:
- fetch an RSS newsfeed and display it
- a SqueakPeople look-alike
All of these things are experimental, and may never
be cleaned up for release.


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