[Seaside] Re: [Mewa] A new instvar in an object isn't rendered in addor edit

Germán S. Arduino gsa at softhome.net
Sun May 23 14:42:22 CEST 2004

Sorry, a problem with my image.

Don't know (yet) why but somethings (sockets by example) don't working.

Rebuilding all in a new image works now.

Thanks Adrian.

"Adrian Lienhard" <adi at netstyle.ch> escribió en el mensaje
news:AD3214C8-AC9A-11D8-A7FD-000A95E07986 at netstyle.ch...
Hi Germán

I don't understand exactly what is going wrong. If you add a new
instance variable to a class you also have to update the construction
of the metaobject for instances of this class so that Mewa knows how to
deal with it. There are no other changes needed. Note, that if you have
an editor or view open already, they will not reflect the changes
because the metaobject of the instance they display is only created
when they are initialized. So, you have to open the editor again or
just start a new session.

Does this help?

On May 22, 2004, at 10:33 PM, Germán S. Arduino wrote:

> Hi:
> When I add a new instance variable in an object that is controlled by
> Mewa,
> I suppose that the new instvar must be showed automatically by the
> editor
> when I wants to add a new object of this type (or edit an existing
> one), but
> isn't working.
> I must do another thing to have my object "updated" to his new
> instvars in
> Mewa?
> (Using Mewa 14 / Seaside 2.3.2)
> TIA.
> gsa.
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Adrian Lienhard

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