[Seaside] [newbie] How do I get the system date and time?

Ben Schroeder bschroeder at procro.com
Mon May 24 16:51:38 CEST 2004

On 5/24/04 10:29 AM, "ld" <s001 at landr.net> wrote:

> I'm building a simple logging system in Seaside 2.5a3.  When the 'new
> entry' page is opened, the current date and time should be automatically
> inserted.  How do I get the current date and time of the server Squeak
> is running on? 
> entryTime _ Time new.   returns 12:00 am.
> I know there's a simple answer, I just don't seem to find it.

"TimeStamp current" should do the trick.

Ben Schroeder

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