[Seaside] session cleanup

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Tue May 25 07:38:50 CEST 2004

Avi Bryant wrote:
> On May 24, 2004, at 11:51 AM, Marco Paga wrote:
>> isActive
>>     | returnValue |
>>     returnValue _ super isActive.
>>     returnValue
>>         ifFalse: [self domainModel closeSession].
>>     ^ returnValue
> Yes, that should work fine.
> I notice that in 2.5, WARegistry>>unregisterExpiredHandlers has this 
> comment at the end:
> "Send #unregistered to each in expired"
> But #unregistered is in fact never sent and never implemented.  Julian, 
> is there a reason for this or was it just an oversight when I merged 
> your branch in?

Oversight I think... it definitely does it on our work branch; most of 
the refactoring in that area was so that we could use that hook in the 
first place.  There was a version along the way, though, where I hadn't 
written that yet (wasn't sure whether to run them sequentially, fork for 
each one, etc).  I think we ended up forking and making the restriction 
that your unregistered hooks needed to be reentrant.  Otherwise, you 
risk one sessions hook method erroring and preventing the others from 
getting run.

Think you have the head version of that branch still but if not let me 
know.  Or I can try to have a look at it, but it'll be a few days before 
I get up to speed again so you'll have to remind me.


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