[Seaside] Nested lists support

Giger, Bengt bengt.giger at id.ethz.ch
Wed May 26 23:20:34 CEST 2004

I started a supporting class for Seaside which handles nested lists. Nested
lists are commonly i.e. used as a structure for navigation elements, read


for examples.

EWANestedList and EWANestedListNode can represent nested structures of 
arbitrary level, like menus, file system folders, breadcrumbs etc. They are
not based on Seaside classes but use the HTMLRenderers of Seaside to generate 
nested <ul> blocks when asked to render themselves.

As I am new to Smalltalk, there are certainly many possible improvements. 
I placed a Monticello package here


hope it can be read, it is (gess) my first package.

A supplied example WAComponent which canBeRoot, and comes with some example
CSS as a design starting point is running here:


IE will not render the menus correctly since the examples are pure CSS. I
added other classes which build a WADecoration with a menu that works in IE
too. In fact this was first and the lists evolved from it. I didn't got the
time to refactor EWAMenuBar to use EWANestedList, and to keep IE happy there
are some special quirks needed. And I want to avoid ressources outside
Seaside, no external files needed for the menus. So perhaps EWAMenuBar and EWANestedLists will live separated for a time.

Btw: how do I switch off the configuration footer and stop people editing
my squeak image?

Bengt Giger

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