[Seaside] #styleLinkWithUrl:

David Röthlisberger davidroe at bluewin.ch
Sat Oct 16 15:52:34 CEST 2004


Once there was a famous method called #styleLinkWithUrl: aString in
WAAbstractHtmlBuilder, which I used often to pass an URL to a CSS stylesheet
file. Obviously this method disappeared in Seaside 2.5 beta, while it was
still there in some alpha releases.
I would like to know how can I still use these external CSS files now?

I found a method WAHtmlRoot>>addStyle: aString. Maybe that can do the trick, 
but how can I call this method? When I call it in renderContentOn: html like 
html document root addStyle: 'xyz',
then it doesn't work? The root object of document is an instance of 
WARenderedHtmlRoot, so the root is already rendered I guess. So when can I 
set a title or a doctype or such an external CSS file to the HTML root?

kind regards,

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