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John Rubier insurgenthsd at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 24 20:25:18 CEST 2004

Hi Alexandre,

I took a look at your presentation and am providing a list of items I've 
Keep in mind that I'm a newbie to both Smalltalk and Seaside so if I 
sound idiotic, ignorance is my excuse ;)
Anyway, that's one of the reason't I looked the presentation over, as 
I'm still hungry for Seaside examples, tutorials and information.

Slides 12-16:
"Learner" class is referred to various names such as "Leaner" and 
"Lerner" on these slides.

Slide 16:
"rendercontentOn:" -> "renderContentOn:"

Slide 17:
There is a problem with the code. "i := self chooseEntry" is called, 
however, the method chooseEntry sets the instance variable "chosenEntry" 
but returns self (aLearner) therefore the (i first) generates a walkback.
I guess either chooseEntry should return the selection or the code in 
this method should send to chosenEntry instead of i.
What the difference would mean to the application is beyond my 
Seaside/Smalltalk knowlege at the moment :)

Slide 21:
"Learner" class referred to as "WorkLearningComponent".

Slide 17:
"readyToChooseWord" should be "readyToGuessWord".
"chosenEntry" should be "chooseEntry".

Slide 30:
The phrase "As consequences, the entry point...", perhaps should be 
"Consequently, the entry point...". Or maybe "Therefore". Maybe even use 
"Hence" (how many times do you actually get to use that word! )

Slide 32:
"Developping" -> "Developing"
"Application" -> "Applications" (maybe?)

Slide 41:
"Snapchops" -> "Snapshots"
"restore" -> "restores"

Slide 42:
"In complex application" -> "In complex applications" or "In a complex 
"going back a sequence" -> "going back over a sequence"
"it cannot go back" -> "they cannot go back" or "the user cannot go back"

Slide 47:
"teak" -> "tweak"

Slide 49:
Should this slide still be in there?
I assume so, so I didn't check any of the following slides.

In the Word Learning application, it is missing the
Learner class>>canBeRoot
^ true

Hope this helps you out. Feel free to send me a revision to look over 
later on.

Take care,


Alexandre Bergel wrote:

>I made a tutorial I plan to use for a seaside lecture. It can be downloaded from http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~scg/Teaching/Smalltalk/Seaside.pdf 
>I would be glad for any kind of comments/feedback/English bug fixes :-)

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