[Seaside] Image shrinking

Chris Reuter seaside at blit.ca
Sat Oct 30 07:21:23 CEST 2004

In the course of my current project, I did some work getting the image
size down to something reasonable.  I managed to get it down to 2.6 Mb
while still containing Seaside, Commanche, YAXO and SIXX plus the
MVC-based IDE.

The Big Ball o' Scripts (plus some documentation) is here:


It needs to be filed in to a pristine Squeak 3.4-5170 image to work.

The changesets for Seaside et. al. are in the zipball.

I can't vouch for its reliability except to say that I've used it (the
resulting image, that is) to do development on my old laptop and
haven't had any problems.


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