[Seaside] help file

Mart-Mari Breedt breedt_m at aircom.co.za
Thu Aug 4 14:10:05 CEST 2005


About the same problem of yesterday, I tried doing it like this:

html attributes at: 'class' put: '3DMsoNormal'.
html paragraph: [
      html anchorWithUrl: '3D"file:///C:\filepath\filename.chm"' do: [ html text: 'help'].
	html spanClass: '3DSpellE' with: 'Interface.chm'.

But I get the following html

<p class="3DMsoNormal"><a href="3D&quot;file:///C:\filepath\filename.chm&quot;">help</a><span class="3DSpellE">Interface.chm</span></p>

Which is almost right except for the quotation marks around class="3DMsoNormal", href = ... and class="3DSpellE" and for the &quot;'s in the href.

Is there a way to get rid of the quotation marks and the &quot;'s.

Thank you,

From: Mart-Mari Breedt 
Sent: 03 Augustus 2005 03:56 nm
To: The Squeak Enterprise Aubergines Server - general discussion.
Subject: [Seaside] help file


I have a help file (*.chm) file that I want to link to my web application. 

Normally html like this would do the trick:
<p class=3DMsoNormal><a href=3D"file:///C:\filepath\filename.chm">help
<span class=3DSpellE>Interface.chm</span></a></p>

Is there a way to produce the same behavior in seaside?

 I have tried:
            html anchorWithUrl: 'file:///C:\filepath\filename.chm' do: [html text: 'help']
            html anchorWithUrl: 'filename.chm' do: [html text: 'help']
but with no luck.

Thank you,

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