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Valdas Bucinskas valdas.bucinskas at ipsistemos.lt
Fri Aug 5 17:03:22 CEST 2005

I guess what you want is:
Compiler evaluate: 'aClassName'
E.g. Compiler evaluate: 'Set'  gives an instance of Set class.

Valdas Bucinskas

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Hi all.

I'd like to create an instance of class by knowing only a class name.

something like this:

classname := anObject class asString , 'Controller'.
"expect something like FSBlockListController in a classname"

controller := Smalltalk giveMeInstanceOf: classname.
"expect result of /FSBlockListController new/ in controller"

I know it should be possible in Squeak in one line of code,
but i am still a newbie...

Thank you very much.

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