[Seaside] Against Templating -- Why?

Steven Swerling sswerling at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 17:57:07 CEST 2005


I was looking through the seaside mail list archives for info about 
templating, and I noticed in one post that the lead developer of Nori 
gave up on templates, saying that they are "passe". Earlier then that, 
Seaside seems to have had some form of templating, but it was dropped as 
the html rendering system matured.

Why is templating considered bad, or passe? (That's asked in earnest, 
not rhetorically -- I was unable to come up with a google incantation 
that would coax out an answer). The 'E' in Seaside stands for 
"Enterprise" -- doesn't that suggest some sort of collaboration among 

Anyway, starting with the premise that templates are bad, what would be 
your idea of a good workflow for collaboration between programmers and 
ui designers and graphic artists when developing seaside apps? What 
would the tool look like that helps facilitate such a workflow? Is it 
enough to have email and photoshop, or is a more specialized tool in order?

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