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here is an example I use to demonstrate Smalltalk's debugging power.

I was working on a web based app and got to the point where I was showing it off to a friend.  The smalltalk image and webserver (It was VisualWave) was running on my local machine.
In the course of my friends navigation through my app, I got a walkback.  I hit debug, saw that the problem was I mispelled something in one of my Dictionaries.  So I fixed the spelling, re-initilized the dictionary, restarted the method, and the app kept running.

The big deal is:  My friend NEVER knew the difference.  All he saw as this one button click took 30seconds to come back, instead of the usual 1-2.

Try that with your file based languages =)

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>> I'll admit it, I'm beaten. :-(
>We  do  not  fight  :-)  I'm  just  trying  to  understand  why  every
>smalltalkers like this concept of image that much. And if somebody ask
>me, I want to be able to answer because I like Smalltalk very much.
>> I think it's best if somebody else with better "explaining Smalltalk" 
>> skills takes over.
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