[Seaside] problem with WABatchSelection

Valdas Bucinskas valdas.bucinskas at ipsistemos.lt
Tue Aug 9 15:10:42 CEST 2005


I have been recently playing with WAStore example that comes together with
seaside. I wanted to modify it in such a way, that store information
(presented in WABatchSelection) is displayed at the fisrt time the page
loads. So the user doesn't need to click 'Browse' anchor every time. I
changed one line in

WAStoreFillCart>>renderNavBarOn: html
	html form: [
		html bold: 'Search:'.
		html space.
		html textInputWithValue: '' callback: [:v | self search: v].
"html anchorWithAction: [self browse] text: 'Browse'."
	self displayItems: self inventory allItems. "My Line"
	cart hasItems ifTrue:
		[html break.
		html anchorWithAction: [self checkout] text: 'Checkout']

"My line" does exactly the same what 'self browse' does. However, WAStore
example doesn't load anymore (until I swap the commented lines back) but
gives 'The page cannot be displayed' error.

What's the problem? How do I make this work?

Best regards,
Valdas Bucinskas

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