[Seaside] [ANN] the Bicephale project

Michal miso.list at auf.net
Tue Aug 16 12:53:58 CEST 2005

> It is greately appreciated. I gonna use it for my e-shop project to
> display departments/products pages. Just loaded it into my image,
> trying to get a clue how to start using it :-)

Thanks. Note that this is an early experimental version, mostly
designed as a 'proof of concept' that such a thing can be done and is
useful. In particular, the methods for component creation/embedding
are not very friendly. What you want to look at to start playing:

WABicephale class >> registerAs:for:

  registers a new bicephale application (while there is no UI).
  give it the path and the root object to display.

Then for each object type that you want to have a viewer component
for, implement #seasideViewerClass. Suppose your e-shop sells cameras
and has a Camera instance for each camera you sell, then you might
create a WACameraViewer component by subclassing WAStaticViewer and
in your Camera instances implement:

	^ WACameraViewer

And obviously, in each component, implement #renderContentOn: to
display whatever you wanted.

Finally, there is the somewhat murky territory that I'm still unhappy
about) of the difference between 'viewers' and 'simple components'.
See the class comments of WAStaticComponent and WAStaticViewer.

Again, all of this is probably still going to change a fair amount...


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