[Seaside] Re: What do you think about Ruby on Rails ?

dan mr.d.poon at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 16:26:43 CEST 2005

Thanks a lot for the pointer. Right now, Im going to see if it is 
feasable to replace our perl build scripts with headless Squeak, with 
the hope that they will be easier to understand by the whole of our 
Smalltalk programming team.


David T. Lewis wrote:
> If you load OSProcess, you will get a pre-built Win32OSProcessPlugin.dll
> in your Squeak folder. You'll need to restart Squeak before it
> starts working, but there is no need to build the plugin.
> This is very limited in function compared to the Unix version, but
> it does let you run an external program and check its exit status.
> For example you can inspect this:
>     ExternalWindowsOSProcess command: 'SOL'
> This will start the Solitaire program, and in Squeak you will get
> an instance of ExternalWindowsOSProcess. When you exit the Solitaire
> program, the runState and exitStatus are updated in Squeak.
> If you don't need to keep track of the run state and exit status of
> the program you are running, just use Win32Shell. It's included
> in the image, and it provides a nice way to run Windows programs
> from Squeak.
> Right now, I don't really know a good way to do command scripts on
> Windows either with OSProcess or with Win32Shell.
> Dave

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