[Seaside] OmniBase is FREE but has problems on UNIX Squeak

danil osipchuk danil-home at tsnet.ru
Wed Aug 17 20:53:22 CEST 2005

Hey, squeaking is really fun nowadays :)

Dmitry, you may try next steps:
     load squeakmap version; then changeset from Gorisek site. Go 
through changes and revert ODBUnixFileStream>>size to Avi's version. Now 
I can doIt 'OmniBaseTester testAll' - please let me now if you can 
reproduce my limited success.

BTW, offtopic:
 It seems that you are Russian and you are going to develop shopping 
apps for Russian(?) market. You also use Unix VM. Can you please tell - 
what is your approach for localization (as you know, stock image doesn't 
support Russian and vm needs some modifications too). May be we can 
cooperate offlist - I don't feel motivated enough to deal with this on 
my own.

Best regards

> Hi all,
> As stated on http://www.gorisek.com/
> "OmniBase is available for free for commercial and educational 
> purposes. Free version of OmniBase is prohibited to be used in the oil 
> or military industries."
> That is great news!!! So i downloaded version from there for my Squeak 
> and now
> has garbage collector and backup ! But bad news are:
> 1. Access from multiple OmniBase sessions to same DB just creates a 
> mess in the DB storage.
> 2. test12 in OmniBaseTester makes a squeak process to eat all possible 
> memory unless my XFree86 crashes.
> My VM is: 3.7-7 Squeak3.7 of '4 September 2004' [latest update: #5989]
> image version i run: 6665 (3.8)
> OS: FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE i386
> I used OmniBase from SqueakMap version 2.1rc66 without any problems.
> But it was without GC/backup.
> I could try and debug test12 but have not enough expirience in 
> Smalltalk to understand
> what i am doing. Any help would be appreciated very much.
> Thanks,
> -Dmitry.
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