[Seaside] scroll position between two states

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Fri Aug 19 20:20:40 CEST 2005

Well, my initial reaction is to say that's way to many lines to have on 
one page in most cases. :)  But I'm guessing you knew I'd say that...

Radoslav recently posted something that at least partially addresses 
this issue:


but I haven't looked at it myself and it sounds like it still needs some 
work.  Another option is to have html anchors at every item so you can 
at least make sure the row they were working with is in view.  Problem 
is, it'll probably jump to the top of the screen which is still 
disorienting for the user.


Luc Damas wrote:
> Hi,
> Imagine you have a page displaying 2000 lines (hum!). Each line contains 
> a remove button.
> Example of the problem:
> On the screen, I can see lines from 1300 to 1400.
> I want to delete line #1347.
> It works (very easy!), but the page is displayed at its beginning. I now 
> see lines from 1 to 100, and I would like see lines from 1300 to 1400, 
> as before clicking on the remove button!
> How can I preserve the page scrolling between two states of a component?
> thanks
> Luc Damas
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