[Seaside] How do I put a script at the end of the page.

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Sat Aug 20 08:47:41 CEST 2005

Hmm... I assume this script is being defined by some deeply nested 

If not, you could just wrap a decoration around your root component and 
do it there.

Assuming it is... how about keeping a list of scripts (or just one if 
that's all you need) on the session.  Then any component could store it 
in the session and the root component (or a decoration) could grab it at 
the end and display it.

I'm not totally sure I'm understanding your question though, so let me 
know if I've missed the boat. :)

Off to bed now... that looks very cool, by the way!


Brett R. Taylor wrote:
> I am using the Google Maps API to build a Geo Coder, and mapping 
> component.  I have discovered that in order for the JavaScript to work 
> in IE it can not be nested in tags (e.g. div, or td) and should follow 
> the element that it draws in.  Is there a good way to put the 
> <script>...</script> as the last element before the close of the 
> </body>  tag?
> I've attached  an image of  my GeoCoderEditor with  halo's turned on .
> Thanks,
> BrettGeoCodeEditor.jpg
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