[Seaside] setting a file name

James j at mesbridger.com
Mon Aug 22 16:43:36 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I've been playing with Google maps and have hit a bit of a problem with 
using it with seaside.

I am OK when i show my initial page, with a url along the lines of 
http://myPCName:8008/seaside/go/maps/. The problem arises when I perform 
anything that leads to a page reload. Google maps are tied by an API key to 
a folder in you site. After a page reload my url looks like 
http://myPCName:8008/seaside/go/maps?_s=gbhiBxgfxlwIiudu&_k=KqHvfshA, which 
google interprets as a different folder, so my map will no longer show.

Is there any way to include a filename in the url for all seaside pages, ie 
something like http://myPCName:8008/seaside/go/maps/maps.html, as I'm pretty 
sure google would then be happy. I've tried to do this through the 
configuration settings by making it the base path, but then the broswer 
could not find my page at all.


James Bridger 

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