[Seaside] OmniBase-mjr.4

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Wed Aug 31 07:42:03 CEST 2005

Well, I like the idea of having the tests as SUnit tests (not that I run them 
very often, but still...)

We should perhaps at least consider having an add-on package for them, but 
should probably just integrate them once we know they have the same coverage.  
I'll chat to Avi, etc. about this.

I did file it in and try it quickly (happened to be on Windows).  I notice 
that #test16 doesn't work on windows because of the call to #forkSqueak not 
being available in windows.  I also get an error saying that the temporary 
directory doesn't exist (surely it should create it if not?) and popups on (I 
think) every test telling me that 'File cannot be read because it is locked.  
do you want to try again?'.  The non-sunit style tests run fine.

I also noticed a few of your calls to #deny:description: pass a block to the 
second parameter instead of a string.  Obviously without being able to make 
each of the tests fail, it's hard to test that they're working correctly in 
those cases when rewriting them. :)


Quoting Michael Roberts <mike at mjr104.co.uk>:

> I've attached OmniBaseTests based on OmniBaseTester.  I knocked this up 
> quickly and hope it might be useful in chasing down some corruption 
> issues.  Feel free to fix/improve etc.
> Cheers,
> Mike
>  From the comment:
> "Provides a version of OmniBaseTester written as a TestCase that is 
> hopefully semantically equivalent.  Adds a simple contention test in 
> #test16 that does the image spawning for you using OSProcess.
> After merging, set #tmpDir: to something sensible for your platform."

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