[Seaside] WADateSelector FIX

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Wed Aug 31 14:27:58 CEST 2005

Julian Fitzell wrote:

>Hi Dmitry,
>You have indeed found and correctly fixed a bug.  It was however, already 
>fixed on SqueakSource in Seaside2.6a1-avi.63 (and backported into Seaside2.50-
>cds.6).  It has not, however, been published to SqueakMap.
>Cees, I notice you've been backporting a bunch of fixed onto the 2.50 branch.  
>Is it a good time to put out a minor bugfix release?  Anything else we should 
>get in there?
>Thanks for the bug report,
Hey Julian,

I've (cds) been backporting fixes from 2.6 into 2.5.  There are two
patches in the 2.6a2 stream that haven't made it into 2.5 yet:

- ensure that URL paths start with a / (lr)
- add a large #hash value to StateHolder (lr)

The first seems more important than the second and I'm looking at it
right now.  If this seems reasonable I'll e-mail you when I've published
it and then I think it would be a good time for a SM release.


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