[Seaside] FAQ suggestion: Memory shrinking

Dmitry Dorofeev dima-sender-3c337a at yasp.com
Wed Aug 31 19:27:40 CEST 2005


Thanks for FAq pages !

It would be nice to see information about reducing the memory size
of the running image in FAQ. It may be very helpfull for newbies like me.
I had reduced RAM from 107 Mb to 30 Mb which is helpfull.

Info is here: 

and in messages subjected 'Help! ByteString is out of control'

But i have no idea what is 
-Nuke the Halo class var in WAHalo
-nil out all inst vars of all instances of "WASession allSubclasses"

In my case the memory seems to be releazed after 

MCFileBasedRepository flushAllCaches
WARegistry clearAllHandlers
Smalltalk garbageCollect

(I just installed some heavy packages recently)


Yar Hwee Boon wrote:
> On 31-Aug-05, at PM 10:16, radoslav hodnicak wrote:
>> Doc/faq people - please add this to the cookbook
> I've added it to the FAQ - 
> http://www.motionobj.com/seasidefaq/HTTPBasicAuthentication. Thanks!
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