[Seaside] Problems with anchorWithAction: image:

Marcus Pedersén marcus.pedersen at comhem.se
Thu Dec 1 22:02:50 CET 2005

I have got the following in my renderContentOn: 
  ...... (content, image are variables)
  html textAreaWithValue: ( content) callback: [:v| content := v].
  html break.
  html imageWithForm: image.
  html space: 40.
  html submitButtonWithAction: [ self saveButtonAction ] text: 'Save'.

....and in my method saveButtonAction I write the content of the textarea to a file and is read in from file in initialize.

This works just exelent but instead I wanted an image to press on instead of the "Save"-button so I changed my last row of code to:
  html anchorWithAction: [ self saveButtonAction ] image: buttonImage.
But this does not work. When I read in the file I add on TimeAndDate now to be displayed in the textarea and so it does. But if I then write something in the textarea and clicks my image the only thing that is saved is the new time and date and not what I have written ( it worked with the button).

A second question: Is there a way to fill up all "background" with an image, over and over again til all backgroud is filled?

Many thanks in advance!
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