[Seaside] Bicephale + call: + redirect

Michal michal-list at auf.net
Fri Dec 2 19:14:37 CET 2005

hi Dmitry - 

I am impressed that you have had the patience to stay with Bicephale
at this prototype stage! I have never found time to go back to it,
though I might have a bit more time these coming weeks.

> If I click on any 'static' link I still see a form, becouse I am
> inside a call:

Your code snippet suggests that you are using #anchorWithAction:text:
to build the link (and hence *not* using a static url). If that is
right, why do you do that? Why not have your navigation stay outside
the component call and use 'static' links? This:

> I do not use anchorWithUrl: inside a call stage becouse it will left
> call: unanswered when such link will be clicked. But if no solution
> will arrive, i will do it paying the cost of growing memory size of
> the image :-(

suggests that the reason is in your expectations about memory use. I'm
puzzled by that - keeping a call until it expires should not be
especially costly. Probably not much more than the continuations that
are accumulated as the user browse your site. This sounds like
premature optimization in a wrong place. Have you actually measured
before optimizing? (And leaving the #call to rot seems like the right
thing to do, if your user clicked away from it. Especially given that
it allows (or should allow) the user to go back to it w/ the back

If the above is misrepresenting what you are doig, can you show what
that link looks like?  And can you show me a minimal way of
reproducing the problem?

More generally, I'm interested in hearing your experience so far, as
you are probably the only user of Bicephale at this point (maybe we
can take this offlist).



> I hack it, so when a static link is clicked, answer is invoked on a
> called component. That works, but not quite.  Whatever link i click,
> I see page from which original call: was invoked

that's the expected behaviour if you #answer. You're basically
unwinding the call chain.

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