[Seaside] Re: Some Real Estate app wroted in Squeak/Seaside

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Mon Dec 5 21:08:32 CET 2005

stephane ducasse a écrit :

> what damien did
>     is using magritte, seaside and pier to design a simple real 
> estate  app with a db back end
>     in the context of a lecture on database :)


I only used magritte and pier to get a user interface. It was very cool. 
I've just added some methods to magritte and then I got a very powerfull 
model to design this application directly linked to a mysql database.

The problem with the code is that I'm not very proud of it. I had to  
build on top of magritte and I did not take care to have a good design. 
Another problem is that everything is in french.

> I can send you a small doc he had to write.

I'm not sure this documentation is very interesting. But if somebody 
wants a translation to english, I can do that. What do you think about 
this documentation Stephane ?


Magritte/Pier fan

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