[Seaside] Re: Some Real Estate app wroted in Squeak/Seaside

German Arduino gsa at arsol.net
Tue Dec 6 21:15:32 CET 2005

stephane ducasse wrote:
> what damien did
>     is using magritte, seaside and pier to design a simple real estate  
> app with a db back end
>     in the context of a lecture on database :)
> I can send you a small doc he had to write.
> Stef
>>> Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 08:18:42 -0300
>>> From: German Arduino <gsa at softhome.net>
>>> Subject: [Seaside] Some Real Estate app wroted in Squeak/Seaside
>>> I'm starting a project with a new customer. The domain is Real  Estate.
>>> Want to ask if someone know if already exist this sort of app in our
>>> preferred environment (Squeak/Seaside).
>> I believe Damien Cassou is developing something along those lines.
>>     http://kilana.unibe.ch:8888/GestionImmo/
>> "Gestion Parc Immobilier", based on Magritte+SmallWiki 2"
>> Cheers,
>> Ian.
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Thanks Stef and Ian by the data.

Any doc will be read, of course.

I'm deciding to start at my own way, because that I need it's so simple 
and I really don't want to use RDB's.


Germán S. Arduino
ArSol Software

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