[Seaside] Little app I'm testing

Blanchard, Todd tobl at amazon.com
Fri Dec 9 21:34:46 CET 2005

I've just deployed an early version of a seaside app I've been working on lately that checks correctness of web pages.


Thought I would share and perhaps get some free testing/feedback.

There is a link to a feedback form on the first page of the app or you can email me comments.

Two things I am interested in improving:  
1) The initial rendering of the analysis takes a long time.  Lots of this is browser and pipe I think, but it would be good to put up an interstitial page that refreshes periodically until the results are done.  Not sure how to do that.  

2) I think I might be stressing the canvas node model a bit performance wise with the page visualizer component and am wondering whether I can have it pre-render the output once and cache it on subsequent requests - what would be the good way to do that?  Can I just make a renderer, call renderContentOn: with it, and then get its result as a String?

This is running on a pretty crummy little server on a wireless lan over a dsl connection - patience is a virtue here.

Squeak/Seaside ROCKS!
-Todd Blanchard

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