[Seaside] Re: Where to host

German Arduino gsa at arsol.net
Wed Dec 14 00:56:19 CET 2005

Pat e wrote:
> I'm just right now downloading seaside image.
> Now what i'm interested in wher do i find suitable web hosting company fo
> Seaside??
> Are there any seaside bigger projects??
> Can i use Firebird sql engine with Seaside?
> Thx, Patrick
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My hosting company (www.arsol.net) is also working in sell hosting plans 
including Squeak/Seaside in a near future.

I've right now some little utility (Promoter) running, you can try it 
(to have an idea of performance and response times with our current 
configuration) at: http://www.arsol.net:10000/seaside/Promoter.

Let my know if you need more info (by private to not bother the list).

Best Regards.

Germán S. Arduino
ArSol Software & Services

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