[Seaside] Graphing in Javascript

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 18:15:04 CET 2005

> In that case I stick with the morphs of course, I don't want to
> implement and basically the same thing twice. If a polymorphic
> interface is provided, that would be of course better, but then I
> don't see a reason anymore why the canvas-stuff should be better ...
You, like anybody else, are of course free to do whatever you want.
But you also use AJAX. AJAX adds zero functionality but development
effort. It doesn't work for IE users with moderate security (ActiveX
off). You also have to implement the same thing twice. You even make
checks if Scriptaculous is present and have different code paths!
Where's the difference of this to a fallback to PieChartMorph?
Especially with forms, quite a bit of additional code is required.

I don't say this is a bad thing or should start using CanvasGraph. But
as the additional effort for using Scriptaculous and checking for it's
presences makes sense for you, the additional effort to implement a
fallback chart might make sense for someone else.

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