[Seaside] Color problem for PluggableButtonMorph

Robert Hawley rhawley at plymouth.ac.uk
Sun Dec 18 03:53:57 CET 2005

In an application using SystemWindow I am trying to set the colour of a PluggableButtonMorph.  When run the application, the button initially displays without a color (i.e., white).  It is only when I click it that it shows the default color (light green).  It never shows the colour that I am trying to set using ....color: Color brown;.... in my 'open' method.

It seems to me that if I specify a color when I create the PluggableButtonMorph then the other code in SystemWindow ought not to override that perference.  Is this fixable?

[Notes: The case I am describing is not using onColor:offColor: option. The behaviour still applies if I switch off alternativeWindowLook. I'm using 3.8.]

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