[Seaside] (Newbie) How to remove unused instances

Yar Hwee Boon hboon at motionobj.com
Sun Dec 18 14:41:18 CET 2005

On 18-Dec-05, at PM 07:06, Christian Mascher wrote:

> Hi,
> when playing around with the examples I noticed, I had about sixty 
> instances of WACounter in my image allthough (I think) none of them is 
> actually used. I would have liked to see only one when I start a 
> session  on localhost:9090/seaside/counter so that I can examine it in 
> an inspector in squeak, but I couldn't find the actual instance among 
> those 60 or more. And the number gets higher with every experiment...

Why not put a self halt, #inspect, #explore in #renderContentOn: ?

> What is the correct way in the framework to get rid of "stale" 
> instances?

If you start a session and then close the browser and start another 
session, how can you tell that the previous session is "stale" ?

Hwee Boon
(65) 6764-9774

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