[Seaside] Serving static graphics with comanche

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Thu Dec 22 19:32:27 CET 2005

There is a bug in Kom under Squeak 3.8.  If you are using Squeak 3.8 or
higher apply the attached workaround.  I submitted it to Goran but have
no idea when to expect it in live Kom distribution (Goran?).  Anyway I
hope this helps...


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'From Squeak3.8 of ''5 May 2005'' [latest update: #6665] on 26 October 2005 at 5:22:22 pm'!
!ModFile methodsFor: 'processing' stamp: 'cds 10/26/2005 17:21'!
	| fullFilePath method |
	method := ModCore method.
	(#(#GET #POST) includes: method) ifFalse: [^false].
	fullFilePath := ModDoc fullFilePath.
	(FileStream isAFileNamed: fullFilePath) ifFalse: [^false].
	self processSubModules ifTrue: [^true].
	HttpResponse current: (HttpResponse 
				fromStream: ((FileDirectory default readOnlyFileNamed: fullFilePath) binary; yourself)).
	^true! !

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