[Seaside] Configuration

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Sat Dec 31 08:19:40 CET 2005


You can just add an instance variable to the component, optionally 
marking it for backtracking (or using a holder) if appropriate.  Or, if 
it applies to all instances of that component, use a class variable.  
Or, if it applies only within one session, store it as an instance 
method on a custom session class and access it from there within the 

Does that answer the question or am I misunderstanding it?


Ramon Leon wrote:

>Hi, I'm trying to store some dynamic configuration data and having some
>problem figuring out how.  Is there a way to store application level
>configuration data, say a component remembering some settings, without
>having to predefine a special configuration class?  This data doesn't
>need to be seen or edited on the configuration screen, I just want a
>hash to stick component specific data dynamically.
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