[Seaside] RFC: Rendering WML

Brent Pinkney brent.pinkney at aircom.co.za
Fri Dec 30 11:23:18 CET 2005

Hi Dmitry,

I will be holed up in a hotel in China from today for a week or so, so I would accpreciate any help.

> as we do WML, WML 2.0 and i-mode services (in Perl). 

I was hoping WML 1.1 (1.3) would be good enough for a first pass ? Please advise - the WML 2.0 spec was 
impenetrable to me.

What is the best WML 1.1/1.3 spec to use ?

> it is not very usefull to have HTML and WML generation from a
> single WAComponent. 

Yip my feelings to, but before we build a parallel universe, what about reusing #inform: etc. ?

> Benefits I see from Seaside generating WML are:
> 1. Correct WML (as mobiles very sensitive to broken tags etc)

> 2. Nice session based services. Question/answer sequences etc.

> 3. Autodecting of mobile phone capabilities and generating content according to it.
> WML1.0/WML2.0 switch for example. Or image autoresize to mobile phone size.

How does one do this ?
Is there a set of standard WAP headings.

It would be VERY helpful to me for example to know the mobile ISDN number.

> Would be glad to help in this project, but can surely offer only testing.

And advice :). For example, 

1. is it acceptable to only deliver one <card> per deck or is the latency so poor 
that it is necessary to generate multiple cards. I was thinking one card at a time, a la html.

2. What is the correct abstraction for the whole <template> business ?


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