[Seaside] call for testimonials

Bob Houston bobh at agents.com
Fri Jan 7 17:02:50 CET 2005

Testimonials are a great idea, and will help convince more people to 
try Seaside (especially if the testimonial included a link to a Seaside 
app).   It would be great if more people were successfully deploying 
Seaside apps (include in-house developers at corporations).

I'm fairly new to Seaside, and really like it so far (I've also not 
used continuations before; great stuff).  As more newbies start using 
Seaside, I'm sure they will have many of the same questions I have.  
Specially, questions regarding licensing and support.

Could someone point me to a description of the Seaside license?  Can I 
use it to build commercial apps if I wish? If I happen to make some 
money, are there any royalty or fees?

Regarding support, if a newbie runs into a problem while building an 
app, they might be tempted to stop using Seaside and switch to 
something else (.net perhaps) if they are unable to resolve their 
problem quickly enough.  The Seaside list is very responsive right now, 
but if there were a significant increase in new Seaside users, all 
asking basic questions, the signal to noise ratio on the list would 
drop.   Also, how many people are doing Seaside consulting (for a fee)? 
  I believe for the typical corporate developer, building a intranet 
based app, they will need the option of "paying for help" if they are 
unable to get their app to work.  Comments?


On Jan 7, 2005, at 5:37 AM, Avi Bryant wrote:

> Hi all,
> Together with Adrian Lienhard and Lukas Renggli, I've been working on
> a new website for Seaside.  One of the things that came up recently
> was the idea of including some short testimonials or case studies from
> people that have used Seaside.  This could be anything from a single
> sentence saying why you think Seaside is great (if you do), to a full
> page on how you used Seaside within your product or organization.
> Any comments on your experiences with getting support - whether free
> through this mailing list, or commercially through me or someone else
> - would also be valuable.
> For any of these comments, we'd of course want your permission to post
> them on the web page along with your name, company, and title (where
> relevant).
> Incidentally, this may sound like I'm just asking for positive
> feedback, but actually I'd personally be very interested in reading
> negative comments too - "Seaside failed for my organization
> because...".  We just might not put those as prominently on the
> website... ;)
> Avi
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