[Seaside] SeasideTesting

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Mon Jan 10 01:27:22 CET 2005

Colin Putney wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get set up to do some work in Seaside, and I can't seem 
> to get SeasideTesting working. I've tried it with the current releases 
> of both Swazoo and Comanche, but in both cases SCBrowserSimulator 
> fails with silly errors that look more like misconfiguration than bugs.
> If SeasideTesting has suffered bit rot in the last few months I'll be 
> happy to update it, but I don't want to go charging off in the wrong 
> direction. Can someone point me to a known-good configuration?

Hey Colin,

There is a problem with the newest Kom release.  The patch is attached.  
I submitted a patch to Goran (maybe he has me on a kill list, he hasn't 
responded to any of my recent e-mails).  If this doesn't solve your 
problem, let me know off list and we can sort it out.

I don't yet have support for Swazoo.  I hadn't even thought of it, in 
fact.  I'll add it to my TODO list.


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'From Squeak3.7 of ''4 September 2004'' [latest update: #5989] on 10 January 2005 at 12:27:04 am'!

!HttpRequest methodsFor: '*SeasideTesting-override' stamp: 'cds 12/15/2004 23:27'!
	(stream respondsTo: #socket)
		ifTrue: [self remoteAddress: stream socket remoteAddress]! !

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