[Seaside] Novice Seaside Question

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Thu Jan 13 20:01:34 CET 2005

I am new to Seaside and I'm just getting back into Squeak after a
couple of years off, so I apologize in advance if this is a dumb

I will be teaching a software engineering course using Squeak this
semester.  This is a project based course and I would like to have the
students use Seaside.

I have an idea for a project in which the students would write a
program that would allow someone to manipulate graphical objects such
as triangles and circles.  (This won't be yet another graphical
editor!) I would like the user of this application to be able to drag
widgets from a palette (flap?), arrange them on the screen, change the
color and/or border color of individual elements, and make selected
objects blink.  This would be a good start anyway.

My original idea was to do this using Morphic, but it seems to
complicated to master in a single semester.  Seaside seems clean and
simple, but I can't tell if it capable of this.

Is this possible within Seaside?  Would I need to use Flash also and
is this feasible?  I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.

Rick Zaccone

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