[Seaside] Seaside philosophy and real life implementations

barger barger at barnet.sk
Thu Jan 13 22:57:53 CET 2005


I need to upgrade web server code ( need to add online ordering, stock reservation system ... ) and it seems seaside is the only possible way. After my 4 hours observation on SushiNet store examle and seaside code i found that it is strictly session oriented. So, i found it may be perfect for transaction handling and coding comfort, but additional price for that fact is absence of static linking ability to objects in image. ( I found that only WAAplications registered in WARegistry can handle requests, and additional expiration problem is maybe solvable ). 

I am writing this because i have experience with Gollman web server code for several years. I know that seaside is about something else, and try to solve much bigger problem, but there should be also possibility to use old proven methods. I will try to explain more :

There should be possibility to serve :
1, static content ( from files - this is easy by KomHttp, ModuleAssembly, alias and plugin scheme as i found )
2, dynamic content ( any object from image should be able to answer http requests - like in Gollman web server, by extending basic Object class, any object can handle requests. )
3, session oriented content ( when serialization, transaction or remote coding is needed - seaside is perfect solution )

Basic problem from example: SushiNet store is not able to offer actual inventory content for search engines and static links.

Possible solutions:
1, Janus Package - it seems that this is just static site map and spider detection small code enhancement. It does not solve problem of dynamic object as i see, and tricked spider can bite ... :)
2, Maybe there is possibility to register few objects as WAAplication, but inheritance from it for a lot of small objects is not a clean solution. 
3, Additional Gollman scheme implementation for object serving ( new aliased directory and Module Assembly - this is also not clean but can handle static links from image objects)

Maybe there is another "easy" way, but i am not so familiar with seaside philosophy right now. Please give me any idea u know about ... thanks.



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