[Seaside] loading Seaside in VW7.3 NC

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 14 08:25:35 CET 2005

Jason Rogers a écrit :

>Is there a doc on how to load Seaside into VW?
Seaside is shipped on the VW distribution CD, for both 7.2.1 and 7.3.

It can be loaded in the image using the Parcel Manager, section 
"Application Server"
where you should be able to see the SeasideForWebToolkit parcel.
There is some documentation in the parcel comments.

It can also be loaded from the public Store repository where you can load
either bundle
- SeasideForWebToolkit, or
- SeasideForSwazoo
Usually, loading from the repository will give you a more recent version 
of Seaside.
However,  it has not changed much during the last few weeks and the version
in the repository is identical to the version on the 7.3 CD.
Since I am using the repository to build the Seaside ports, I would 
that you load Seaside from the CD, unless you are using an older version 
of VW

On the VW distribution CD, Seaside is located in the goodies/other/Seaside
directory. You can find more stuff in this directory using the File 
Browser or
the Parcel Manager, like an HTML Seaside tutorial and the original Squeak

VW 7.3 comes with even more :
- SeasideForSwazoo, a parcel for using Seaside with Swazoo rather
than WebToolkit. Note: you may load both SeasideForWebToolkit and
SeasideForSwazoo in the same image.
- SqueakBase, a prerequisite parcel that provides some compatibility
with Squeak and that includes all the known Squeak compatibility extensions
that I found in the repository
- BonusPack, a bunch of parcels with Seaside examples, Seaside goodies
like Adrian Lienhard's Mewa, and various optional patches


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